Henry Hoover

Henry Hoover is the iconic friendly vacuum cleaner loved by children and adults worldwide. The cylindrical vaccum cleaner, model number HVR200A, is a powerful piece of cleaning equipment for home use designed and manufactured by the British company Numatic International.

What sets Henry apart from other vacuums on the the market however is his cheery face - two big eyes, smiley mouth and a long hose nose which you use to hoover your home.

The red Henry isn't alone however, you might be surprised to know he has a whole family of cleaning buddies! His sister Henrietta (nickname Hetty) is pink whilst Charles in blue can suck up both solids and liquids. Also in the family are little James (yellow) and George (green).

In fact all the latest models in the range are greener now - thanks to two mode Twinflo opperation. This means motor speed and power usage is reduced to half its original level during normal mode reducing the amount of electricity used. With the flick of a switch the machine can double its wattage to tackle extra tough tasks.